About us

At FabFind, we strive to be the most consumer-centric organization in Canada. Why not the world? Because we're focused on Canada. Maybe one day we'll expand to Botswana, but for now, we're perfectly content here.

As Canada's premier social commerce site, there are five core tenets that we cherish:

  • We will always provide daily deals that are unsurpassed in value and quality.
  • Customers are never wrong (unless they say something that is proven to be
  • factually inaccurate by Wikipedia).
  • Privacy is to be respected. We will, however, write your email address on a public restroom wall if you curse at us.
  • Colonics should never be offered at a discount. Ever.
  • Every civilized company should have a water cooler and recreational hockey team.

We value your feedback. If you believe that we have overlooked a core tenet, please let us know. If we adopt your suggestion, we'll consider adding you to our Board of Directors.

Bill Heilmann
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Smith
Chief Operating Officer
Bryan Schulte
Chief Technology Officer
Niels Dekker
V.P., Director of Sales
Valerie Mamann
V.P., Director of Accounts
Natalie Mamann
V.P., Director of Business Development
Stephanie Hynes
Director of Marketing
Office Chimpanzee