FabFind Rewards

Our rewards program is our way of thanking you. For every dollar you spend on FabFind, you'll earn another rewards point. Use points in place of cash to make purchases.

Redeeming rewards points is easy — when checking out, simply select ‘Rewards Points’ as the method of payment. (This option is only available when you have enough points to cover the cost of the Find.)

How do my Rewards Points work?
For every dollar you spend on FabFind, you'll receive one point ($1 = 1 FabFind Rewards Point). Every forty points converts to $1 of purchasing power:

Reward Points Dollar Value
40 $1
200 $5
400 $10
1,000,000,000,000 Uhh...wow

Monitor your Rewards Points balance by visiting your FabFinds Rewards page when logged into your account.

Learn more ins and outs of the Rewards Program by visiting our FAQ.